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Version: 2023-01-10
Build: rev 781
What is Ianseo? Ianseo is a software for managing the results of an Archery Tournament; it is an Open Source Project developed thanks to the Italian Archery Federation's financial support, that decided to freely distribute it in whole Europe. Translated in several languages, Ianseo is the most up to date and advanced program in the World, integrating all the World Archery rules. It has evolved into a comprehensive management of an Archery Tournament as a whole: from accreditation of the athletes and officers to every kind of printouts utilities, from network and online integration to FOP design.
I.A.N.S.E.O. is also the most expert working group on Archery Events management and organization. The first experiences of the components of the group were back in the seventies, but in these latest years (the group is existing as a team since 2006) Ianseo Team has been more and more involved in many of the biggest events in the world: Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Grand Prix, World Games, Universiads, University Championships, World Archery Festival and several National Italian Events. It is the official Result Team for Fitarco (Italian Archery Federation), World Archery Europe and World Archery Events.
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Barcode Module is released for free for all I@NSEO community thanks to the support of Beiter Archery Products company and the kindness of Mr. Andreas Lorenz
IT Project CoordinationMatteo Pisani
Development and CodingMatteo Pisani
Christian "Doc" Deligant
ISK developmentKen Sentell
Matteo Pisani
Christian "Doc" Deligant
Debug DepartmentAndrea Gabardi
Translation CoordinatorChristian Deligant
Support (OTRS)  English: Andrea Gabardi, Christian Deligant, Ken Sentell,  EspaƱol: Alex Vecchio Passerini,  Portugues: Alex Vecchio Passerini,  Italiano: Andrea Gabardi, Christian Deligant
DocumentationArdingo Scarzella, Luca Gallarate, Alessandra Pandolfi, et al.
IANSEO Translation Team
English Ianseo Team
Romanesco - IT-Romanesco Giggi Cartoni
Italiano - Italian Paolo Della Rossa - Andrea Gabardi
IANSEO is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 (GPLV3)